Banking transactions have become more complicated. Many entrepreneurs have already experienced situations where banks freeze or close accounts without warning or further explanation. Suddenly, no more money goes in and out of the account and business comes to a virtual standstill.

A true nightmare for every entrepreneur, but also a sad reality.

We live in a time when banks no longer accept your money and pay you interest on it. Instead, times have changed and banks find many reasons not to do business with you, take your money and want you to pay them negative interest. It’s absurd, but it’s real.

Today’s smart entrepreneur no longer relies solely on a bank account at one bank and has diversified liquidity to hedge against currency fluctuations.

With the advent of cryptocurrencies, higher standards for money laundering laws and the fight against tax evasion and terrorist financing, banks are also facing major changes and challenges. Not to mention the bureaucratic monster of the Common Reporting Standard and its impact on credit institutions around the globe.

We are here to help you find the right banking solution for you personally or your business. We know the Romanian banking landscape very well and are connected to the most advanced and business-friendly banks in and outside Romania.

Business Bank Account in Romania

We work with a small selection of banks that are relatively easy with the onboarding process and don’t require too much of your attention. Banking like it used to be!

Private Bank Account in Romania

If you are looking for a private bank account with a reputable bank, we can help you achieve that goal with our bank introduction service.

Bank Accounts outside Romania

If you want to diversify your funds a little or more, we can help you open personal and business accounts around the globe.

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